so with Saeki-san finished and the dropping of the other, will you be picking up any new manga to translate?

@Intrinzik There are other ones that I’d like to do, but I should probably make some progress on the other 5 series and the light novel I’m working on before I add more (plus there are still the Saeki-san bonus chapters). Part of me hopes that those manga I want to do will have someone working on them before I get to them, while another part of me hopes that I’ll have the chance to contribute work to them.

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Hey there! Love your work and all the fluff you put up. I also found you by Saeki-san wa Nemutteru, loved it. Also love your credit pages.

Hello! It’s great to hear from a fellow fan of fluff. And I’m always really happy to hear when someone else loves a series that I do. And of course I’m glad that people seem to think my credit pages add value-- I was kind of nervous that they might detract from the manga early on. But people like you have really bolstered my confidence in them, thanks!

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Welcome back! Was getting worried about ya sense you haven’t posted in awhile but glad to see you back and apparently doing well. I get 2020 being crazy for everyone, i live in California and this whole year is crazy here.
Personally i hope you continue to translate as i love you quality and your notes at the end of each chapter. but i get the struggles of it all. Just wanted to say keep up the good work and hope to continue to see you around.

Nice, I live in California too! Sorry for worrying you xD.

I appreciate you dropping by too!