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Followed your end credit to this site, just wanted to thank you for the great job your doing. Found you from Saeki-san wa Nemutteru, and followed you to your latest with Kono Kaisha Ni Suki Na Hito Ga Imasu

Hey there, thanks for commenting, haha. I’m happy to hear that you like my work and the series that I work on!

Love your work! If I’m not mistaken u did Dignified Asleep Saeki right? Loved that series! thx for scanlating it.

Im glad to see your also working on a few other projects, I plan to check them all out.

@Intrinzik Heh, that’s part of what this site is useful for-- visibility of my other series. Thanks for taking the time to look 'em over.

@Skytdm_2546 Yup I work on Saeki too! Glad you enjoy it.

Fluff consumer here, a fan of yours in some way

Gotta love the fluff.

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Love all the scanlation fluff you do and seeing a LN in here means more fluff to follow. Thanks for everything.

Thanks for paying the site a visit, and for the kind words. As far as the LN goes, I’m not sure how fluffy most people would consider it, but hopefully you enjoy it!

Just wanted to say that you’re an awesome translator. I found you by Saeki-san Wa Nemutteru, and I love your credit pages, it’s so cool to see the translator talking about the many, even more so when they’re as excited and happy to talk about it like you.

I appreciate the compliments. And it’s fun writing the ramblings on the credit pages, so I’m glad some people enjoy reading them too \(^_^)/

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great to see more people making there way to this page. as always, thanks for the great translations and enjoyable credit pages

Hello. I get the feeling that you’re someone who talks a lot and is very efficient (like fukami kun) haha. But somehow I really enjoy your ramblings. I read all of your credits! Anyway, thanks for the translations. The dialogues you translated are all very clean and straightforward. I like it!

I certainly do my share of rambling :P; not as sure about efficiency, but I hope that’s true too! Thanks for reading (≧▽≦)

glad to see some recent updates again, i thought maybe you had dropped all the series you were working on and was saddened.

@Intrinzik Sorry, just lazily using my free time on other pursuits xD.

of course, i get it.

Love the end credits and all the fluff!

@Pesse Happy to hear it!