Saeki-san 49

Saeki-san 49

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Thank you for finishing this series up. I kind of wish it went on but I enjoyed how it ended. Saeki-san somewhat figured her feelings and ends with her sleeping. The side ship got to be closer. As middle school students, this felt like a fine ending. I appreciate the work you do.

I’ll re-read this chapter or last few chapters while listening to the songs you suggested.

Yeah the tone of the ending definitely fit with the rest of the series. Thanks for reading, and stick around for the bonus chapters too!

Thank you for scanlating this series till the end! How many bonus chapter are there after this?

There are 11 bonus chapters, some very short, some kind of medium in length.

I just finished this series and i feel like i look forwards more at see your funny remarks of each chapter.
Anyway really enjoyed it thanks!( I also just found it today )

Got through it in one day, eh? Nice ;3. Glad you enjoyed it!

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Hi, I’ve been following the series since it had 6 chapters, I am feeling really glad and sad to see this manga to end. I am going to be looking forward for the bonus chapters and finally thank you for finishing the scalation of this series, your comments at the end of each chapter really added to the reading experience.

Hi there! It was a privilege to be able to finish the series out, and I’m glad it sounds like you think I did it justice. And thanks for reading the credit pages too ( ´∀` ).

Thank you for translating this truly a service to the world, a real hero but this does bring a tear to my eye, i get what you were saying about this was the best way to end it, but like 94135773_242813010458916_3997603044828119040_n

This is quite a late reply, but indeed, endings are always melancholic.

ik im pretty late to the party, but those commentaries at the end of each chapter were just quality, loved reading everything.

It doesn’t matter how late you are, just that you found it and enjoyed it ;3. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts!

Just finished this as well. Thanks for the hard work and the pleasant commentary trailing each chapter. I read a lot of translated manga and the quality of your releases visually and in grammar are fantastic, so much so that I’m inclined to pick up some of your other series based solely on that alone.

Are you still planning on doing the bonus chapters? I don’t want this to sound nagging or entitled as I know this is an entirely volunteer effort and we’re all grateful for your time investment. Just curious if that is still on your (probably very long) to-do list.

I appreciate the compliments (*^▽^*).

I actually meant to release the first of the bonus chapters yesterday, but I keep procrastinating on them for some reason… I’ll do my best to get my behind moving on them, heh. And thanks for asking in such a nice manner. I try to take requests for updates positively (i.e. they just like the series so much they want more), but the way some other people have asked on other sites has been a little grating for sure, so it’s appreciated.