Ore to Kanojo no Koi wo Chounouryoku ga Jamashiteru.

Ore to Kanojo no Koi wo Chounouryoku ga Jamashiteru.

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Assuming anyone comments here: feel free to go off topic in any thread (I mean don’t try to go off topic, you know what I mean…). But as far as chapter comments go, please don’t spoil future chapters! When I actually have some released, that is…

Pretty interesting project you have there, sir.
Thanks for the hard work.
By the way, are you open to other light novels suggestions?

Stay safe.
Regards from Argentina.

@nahucirujano Sorry for the late reply, haven’t been on for a while. Unfortunately, I’m not looking for light novel suggestions as of yet, since I have a few short series in mind that will probably keep me busy for a while. Feel free to tell me, but it’s unlikely I’d get to them anytime soon.

Thanks for reading and visiting!

has something happen to the novel. and if not when will there be another chapter.
thanks =^.^=

um it has been 22 days and i am still waiting for a reply so if you see this please reply because ill still be waiting for reply 20 years in the future and i would not like to wait that long.
ps. if i sound rude im sorry and sorry for my bad spelling and germer


Hey there rimuru, if you’re still around. There will be another chapter. I’ve been out of scanlating/translation action for the past three months, but I should be getting back into it soon.

thanks for replying it looks really promising and i will make sure to read it

Glad to hear it. Kind of focusing on my manga scanlations more, but I’ll definitely be making time to do some more light novel stuff.