KaiSuki 10

KaiSuki 10

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Thank you and great chapter! Reading your last page regarding Ace Scans, I hope things work out for you. I love the work and the care you have for your scanlations. I’m sure me and a lot of other people wait for good translations. I enjoy consistency with manga and would be a shame if you weren’t part of it anymore. It’s already sad some other popular manga are going to get different scanlators (pointing at JB closing down operations). Again, thanks for the new chapter!

I’d definitely have kept going if I thought I could still do a better job. But I’m trying out a joint with them for chapter 11 and I think it’s going well!

Thanks for dropping by as always ;3. Nice seeing familiar faces.

I decided that I’d follow your work to the end of time. It’s great quality work, keep it up! Do you have a discord? Or discord username I could add? I would like to keep myself informed.

Thanks for the chapter, and welcome back.
Finally someone is thinking about marriage… so cool…
I hope you can continue translating the series, even if it’s with Ace Scans, because reading your notes at the end it’s part of my experience with this manga, would be very weird to read without it and I like the way you translate!

@sewj I’d be happy to speak to you on discord if you can catch me online— I’m generally only on when I play with a certain group of friends. Though, during the past couple days I’ve been on a little more frequently due to the joint with Ace Scans. My discord name isn’t one I made specifically for Sleepy Fox Scans, so I’ll DM it to you to keep it just slightly more private.

@BlankDriver I actually responded to your post on KaiSuki 11 first, but thanks for being one of the few people to use the site xD.